Make Fresh Juice With Juicer Machines And Remain Healthy


Gone are the days when you used traditional methods for taking out the juice. Now all these methods have been replaced with new and advanced juicers. These machines are very effective and they do all the work within a go. There are different types of juicers available in the market. Each has their own features and usage options. They also help you in improving your health and to gain energy. You can make any type of juice with their help. There are many companies that make the juicers. To know more about the juicers, you can visit Juicer Cruiser.

Features of the juicers

There are so many features that every juicer has but each of them has one or more key features which make them unique and different from other centrifugal juicers. But some of the features that every juicer should have are:

Speed of the juicer: The juicer should be such that has multiple speed modes so that you can take out the juice depending on the thickness of the fruit or vegetable. Usually, the juice of the fruits such as berries, melons and grapes can be taken out at low speed while items like apples, guava, pomegranate, carrots, and biter guard will require high speed as they are tough and require more power.

Feed Tube: The juicers should have a wide and long feed tube so that the juice can be taken out easily. On the other side, its chute should be such that it can have whole fruits and vegetables at a go. This will help you in saving the time as there will be no requirement of cutting or chopping.

Reliability: Not only for juicer but for other luxurious products also reliability really matters a lot. A juicer should be such that can be used for long period of time without any repair. The reliability depends on mainly two things that is size of the motor and quality of parts. If these two will be used properly then juicers can be used for long run. The size of the motors should be appropriate because with its help you will be ripping the juice from vegetables and fruits. So, reliability of motor is very important and the best motor can be of 1.1 horsepower.

 Warranty: Whatever the warranty is, it will be given by the company and will display that how much confidence the company has on its motor. Usually the company offers 3 year, 7 year and 10 year warranty period to the customers.

Noise: Noise is something that most of the juicers make when they are used. So, the juicer should be such that it does not produce any type of noise because it can irritate others and create disturbance while doing important work.

Apart from these tips, you also need to know about the different types of juicers available. These include the masticating juicers, centrifugal juicers and citrus juicers. Centrifugal juicers work by slicing the food at high speed, masticating juicers produce juice by grinding the food and in citrus juicers, the reamers are used for extracting the juice.